The Macedonian Bread

Great Selections


In the valley of Eordea, between the mountain slopes of Askio (Siniatsiko) and Vermio, the authentic Macedonian breadsticks are produced.

The special way of their preparation, with pure and high quality ingredients, with faith in the traditional recipes, gives products of incomparable taste, with a characteristic crunchy texture.

The immediate packaging preserves and highlights their freshness and aromas, giving you an ideal accompaniment for all hours.


The combination of the techniques of making the Italian bread (stritato) with the corresponding ones of the Thessaloniki bun, the adoption of the straight shape and the great preservation created the Macedonian bread. Macedonian breadsticks were used for decades as a substitute for bread in places and occupations that were impossible to prepare.

Its low moisture content (<5%) that maintains it for long periods of time, made it particularly useful to rural people (farmers, stockbreeders, hunters), travelers, sailors, fishermen, soldiers, etc.

Socio-economic development and changes in activities have transformed breadsticks from a bread substitute into an autonomous snack, food or drink accompaniment.